Project: A DSP Educational Package

Date Completed: June 09, 2003

This project has been conducted in a teamwork manner. Some important concepts of an introductory course on DSP were chosen. First, few were responsible for implementing the code in Matlab using M-files, and at the next stage, others were responsible for transferring the code to GUIs so that the users can enjoy the comfort of windows-based execution. This package was supposed to serve as an educational aid package for the DSP course at MS level and the book “Discrete-time signal processing” by: Alan V. Oppenheim, Roland W. Schafer, and John R. Buck was chosen as the reference.

I was one of the contributors to the project as a coordinator and consultant in the development stages of the package. This project has been conducted under supervision of Dr.Kahaei, the dean of the telecommunications group of the electrical engineering department at Iran University of Science and Technology (IUST).

The modules, for the most part, have been written, tested, and debugged by each contributor and I provided solutions and suggestions on an as-needed basis so I can not guarantee the modules to be completely flawless. The package is designed using MATLAB v.6.5 and its features, at the existing state, are most likely to be executed properly only in that (or higher) version of Matlab. The path of execution should be set prior to use according to the procedure outlined in the accompanying Readme file. As described there, the package can be run by simply typing “ dsp “ at the Matlab command prompt. The instructions about each project are provided by the respective author and they’re usually located in the main page of the GUI.

For getting the package please click here: DSP Educational Package