Tech Profile

I am Masood Khosroshahy (Krohy), a Data Science Advisor as well as a Platform Architect. I accompany clients in bringing advanced data mining and AI projects to life and help Data Scientists and ML/AI practitioners progress more rapidly in their projects and get better results. I also typically work with my clients to grow their teams through help with technical interviews and coaching. Apart from the advisory aspects, I have remained hands-on and continue to code in several languages relevant to Data Science; Python and SQL being the ones I use most frequently, with occasional use of Scala and Java. In terms of tech stack, I have extensive experience with TensorFlow/Keras (Deep Learning) and Spark (Big Data Analytics/Mining). Having already worked with many corporations in several industries, I also have first-hand experience in productionizing projects and prototypes and the related performance fine-tuning and subtleties.

Few highlights from current and past projects and clients:

  • PatternedScience (data science startup): designed and implemented UniAnalytica, an advanced data science platform/cluster which is a niche product with wide support for time series and geospatial use cases
  • B.Yond (telecom): led few and helped with several other data mining and AI projects for B.Yond, an up-and-coming, mid-sized AI company
  • CN (transportation): built an AI-powered product to detect defective railroad components
  • Intact (insurance): detected driving behavior from the 80-billion-datapoint telematics data as well as worked on the optimization of their Hadoop/Spark platform
  • Rogers (telecom): worked on network performance benchmarking using multi-terabyte telecom data
  • Concordia (academia/computer security): developed and validated analytical models for botnets during Ph.D. work

More on my technical profile:

  • Recent tech talks/demos
  • Authored/Co-authored several peer-reviewed papers: 2 ISI journal papers and 6 conference papers
  • Certified Associate in Project Management (PMI’s CAPM certificate 2012-2017)

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